Sunday, March 10, 2013

From The Manning Conference

Kady O'Malley posted this shot from the Manning confab yesterday.  I'm not sure if its supposed to be from a poll of all Canadians of self-declared conservatives.  Either way it shows the Federal and Alberta government's have been doing a terrible job pitching their various pipe-line projects.  No wonder Preston Manning himself is trying to pitch a Green Conservatism.


Paul Kuster said...

Those numbers for that survey, even if only conservatives were polled, doesn't surprise me. Any major project should undergo extreme scrutiny when it comes to the impacts to the environment. Patrick Moore seems to think the folks up in the Oil Sands are getting it as right as they can. The State Dept in the U.S. seems to think the new Keystone route meets the necessary environmental standards. I don't think the two have to be mutally exclusive. I just wish renewables (unreliables) underwent the same level of scruitny.

double nickel said...

I can't believe people spent good money to attend that sausage fest.