Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Please Let It Not End Like This

12 total votes are cast.  9 are cast by "P.P. Weiner".  Other 5 by "Dr. Funktastic".  And Joe Volpe wins.


ch said...

Ouch, that's bad. To say Trudeau is playing foul makes me wonder what type of person she is. She earlier was the only one who questioned his numbers. Will this work in Murray's favour to accuse Trudeau of foul play?

I'm also puzzled by all the problems some of Trudeau's supporters say they are having in registering. One said she had to figure it out herself and remove some of the zeros from the code the LPC gave her in order to get it to work. I was sent a link and don't recall any code. Do some supporters have to enter codes to register? If so, it shouldn't be a trick question where they have to break the code first. :)

Chrystal Ocean said...

Had no problem registering. Was simply a matter of clicking a link that was provided in the registration email sent by the Party, then confirming my previously submitted info (provided when I signed up as a Supporter). Can't imagine why people would be having problems.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, If it is true that the party had intended to do a mailer with registration info to all supporters who have no email address, then it is hardly decent of them to wait until the end of last week to send the mailers. It can take a week for the mail to arrive, and there should be at least a week to respond to the mailer, rather than mailing them less than a week before the drop dead date. I think that for Joyce, those mailed supporter registrations will represent the difference between a close race, and no race at all, so she is desperately close to a long shot victory. That explains WHY she would react like that, even if it doesn't make it a fair comment.