Monday, March 11, 2013

Preston Manning Is Gonna Shit A Phonebook!

An outdated and insulting column from an appointed hack.  The dumbest bit:

Members of various ethnic communities are fed up with platitudes. They are active members of our society at all levels, and they demand no special status – they just want an equal opportunity to contribute to the continued development of their communities. That’s what they should expect and that’s what we should demand of them.

So according to Leo Housakos, immigrants get special status while the rest of us schleps pay the bills.  I`ve heard that line before, and it is exactly the kind of toxic blithering that Preston Manning warned his fellow conservatives against last weekend.  And kudos to him, by the way.  He is telling his own that if they want to get the keys to the nation they have to stop behaving like the intellectual equivalent of drunken frat-boys.  That he`s getting some flack from right-leaning pundits like Chris Selley simply highlights the difference in seriousness of the projects they are engaged in.  Manning wants Conservatives to prove themselves fit to rule; Selley wants to them to remain the clowns of chattering class.

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Anonymous said...

No Manning wants the same hateful pieces of crap to shut up until they are elected. He isn't concerned about what they believe he's concerned about it being made public.

The more the hateful bigotted small minded a$$holes get to say what they truly believe the more I like it.

Pastor Manning is just trying to keep it all hushed up until it doesn't matter anymore - reminds of the catholic priests and the child abuse scandal.