Thursday, March 07, 2013

Whatcott At It Again

Despite a recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling against him, social conservative activist Bill Whatcott took his controversial anti-gay and anti-abortion stand on Wednesday to the University of Regina.

Bill will soon find out that defying the Supreme Court is a bit different from defying the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.  He will also discover, I think, that as his legal troubles increase post SCC-decision they will trigger smaller and smaller amounts of media coverage.

(Although, that said, I'm not sure the SCC decision mentioned his anti-abortion pamphlets.  If he lays-off the gay bashing Bill may be OK.)


Kurt Phillips said...

I don't have any doubt that he will also soon be distributing the anti-homosexual fliers that will result in a human rights complaint. He's got a bit of a martyr complex.

Word is he's also working on his third marriage. His first wife divorced him after his stint with the American legal system after he illegally entered the United States. And his second wife left him as well. Perhaps if this good, Christian, family-man spent more time working on his marriage than he spends on his quixotic pursuits, he might actually be able to maintain some sort of relationship with someone?


Amir said...

I fully support free speech and I would take a bullet to the head if anyone tried to take free speech away. But in this case here, it’s not free speech, it hateful and hurtful speech. I can not walk into a crowed movie theatre and yell “fire” under the guise of Canadian free speech. Why? Cause my actions would cause panic, harm and people would get hurt physically and emotionally. Words can be a very dangerous thing and can really hurt. When words cause emotional damage this equates to persecution. In Canada we do not persecute people in a minority status because we are a free democracy. I am thankful for the decision of the SCC but I wish they and went further and put Whatcott in jail for life. This would then ensure that no Canadian would ever be harmed by the words of a mad man abusing his privilege of free speech.

Dana said...

Amir, it may be time for the "fire" premise to be tested.

The next time the Libertarians or Conservatives or United Assholes Party have a large convention/conference/wank session of any kind someone well padded with lawyers ought to bust in a yell "FIRE" loudly and repeatedly.

Wouldn't it be fun to watch the aftermath?

Harry Abrams said...

So let Whatcott have his freedom to do his thing, and then pay for it all by being found in contempt; which then sets him up with a criminal record to go along with more fines,jail time and then years of mandatory supervision. Just like problem drinkers who keep getting in trouble for drunk driving.