Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Garneau Out?

If so, where do his people go?  Anywhere but Justin?


Anonymous said...

That sucks. It is looking more and more like Joyce facing off against Trudeau. Garneau should at least stay the course don't you think?

Marky Mark said...

This isn't good-Bob should get in now!

ch said...

I'm sorry to see Garneau go.

He talked to the party last week about the problem of getting people signed up in time. I hope that wasn't a contributing factor.

crf said...

A post-convention news picture having Garneau and Trudeau on the stage, one holding the hand of the other, would be a good advertisement of both confidence and competence. No matter who's leader.

A picture of Trudeau holding up Murray's hand screams "we concede the election to Harper".

A picture of Murray holding Trudeau's hand says "who's that holding Trudeau's hand up?"

I fear Murray isn't as electable (I don't know why exactly ...). So it's just dangerous that the party has placed itself in a position where the Dion fiasco repeats itself. And she isn't a good foil for Trudeau if he wins. The media will then run on the "untested" meme and it will stick. Garneau's presence to the end of the campaign might have blunted that.