Monday, March 25, 2013

Reading The Tea-Leaves: Obama Signalling Keystone Rejection?

From the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Organizing For Action, the former Obama campaign apparatus made up of many senior officials, blasted the Keystone proposal in a fundraising email.

“In an email to supporters, Organizing for America specifically mentioned Keystone and slamming members of Congress who hope to force construction of the massive pipeline regardless of what the administration says.


President Obama has remained silent while the group that controls his twitter and whose members pay for White House access bashes Keystone.


The President must either condemn their email or admit that he agrees with their anti-energy stance.

This is pretty "inside baseball" stuff, from the GOP itself, so I'm not sure what weight to give it.  One thing I'll  note is that people up here seem to be expecting a decision as early as June.  My friends down in the U.S. are leaning more towards a September/October decision date.  Remember, whatever O's final call, he won't want his enviro friends accusing him of circumventing the process.


Dana said...

Speaking of "forcing things through" how do you think BC might react when Harper "forces through" a pipeline to the coast against the wishes of the people of BC?

Do you think the long gun registry data might suddenly, as if by magic, reappear?

Do you think the BC secession movement might be re-ignited?

Do you think the armed forces might be called out?

I can see lines of potential for all of those things and more.

crf said...

Harper has been the Oil Sands worst enemy. The Canadian oil industry could not have gotten a more incompetent man supposedly pushing its interests. Allison Redford has also been a total disappointment after her earlier musings of a "Canadian energy policy" which might have amounted, or morphed into something.

To get a pipeline to the coast you need some things to happen:

Cross-country support.
Upgrading done in Canada.
No bitumen shipping.
Carbon tax.
First Nations support.


Harper's an talking-head idiot, and so's much of his caucus. They have zero business experience and couldn't run a hot dog stand. It's no surprise they F***ing up Canada's oil industry.

The oil industry have long advocated or at least "feelered" for a carbon tax. It's Harper whose ignored that, since a carbon tax would help Ontario's clean energy sectors, and he needs Ontario poor and dependent upon the Oil Industry as a major source of its growth in order to sell his Conservative fear-and-poverty based brand.

I hope Justin Trudeau can see this and rip this tin-man's heart out.