Thursday, March 14, 2013

LPoC Registration Cracks 100,000

From an email I received yesterday evening from Matt Certosimo, the National Membership Secretary:
Presumably, the deadline extension will give the party time to contact anyone who is serious about following-up on their original contact, although I expect the final tally will be embarrassingly low.  That said, if Joyce Murray hangs tough for the next couple of weeks this could still be an interesting race.  She can't win, but her message of LPoC/NDP cooperation is resonating in some quarters, and I'd be curious to see if she can move the field, or what is left of it, in her direction a bit.  I sincerely hope the T.O. showcase isn't cancelled.  I was told there would be food.

As for Coyne's column this morning, ignore it.  He's been rehearsing bits of it on twitter since last week; the honest outrage it expresses is all fake.


JF said...

Andrew Coyne... does that guy actually like anything? I don't think I've read anything of his (and I've read a bunch... he's a good writer even if you disagre with the substance of his prose) where he wasn't poo-pooing something or being a Debbie Downer about something else.

ch said...

What's embarrassingly low? I'd say half or more of the 294,000 is a success.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

I think Andrew Coyne is just bitter because it's beginning to dawn on him how badly he has damaged his reputation with his overbearing, arrogant, mean-spirited, petty snides about Chief Spence in particular and FN in general.

I don't think the right-wing commentariat were really considering the international audience they were speaking to when they had their collective freakout on Twitter etc, and esp. after seeing these people they derided as incompetent and venal so easily destroy Flanagan's reputation and livelihood they're both angry and scared... and they know that the Liberals have legitimacy on this file thanks to Martin and the Kelowna Accords.

JF said...

If I could I'd like to second ch's comment. What's embarrassingly low?

The supporter class was always going to include a large number of low participation sign-ups... low barrier to entry entails a low barrier to exit. If they manage to register about half (150Kish) then I'd call that a very decent success.