Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sun News Regrets, Part Bazillion

Insiders (the Sun News Network mole) are telling me that the station's legal staff committed mass suicide the other night.  They couldn't hack  the long hours.  And, if you look at the original apology, its sandwiched by an ad touting the Canada Economic Action Plan and an ad for Immigration Canada.  So, mandatory carriage or not, you the taxpayer area already funding this crap.


deb said...

the long hours of the sun news legal true! Hopefully they get perks, like coffee cups and tshirts;)
and yes we are funding this station, sad that, hopefully by next year it will be rectified.

bigcitylib said...

The hardest working men in show biz.

crf said...

But the commercial stations I watch seem to have about 1/3 of their ads bought by Governments federal and provincial.

The government isn't picky about what crap it funds.