Monday, March 04, 2013

WebCite Having Money Trouble

Many a time you want to record the existence of some web-page, face-book post, or tweet.  But making, saving, and finding screen-caps again can be a pain in the neck.  Luckily, WebCite came along and made archiving on-line materials a simple process.

Now, however, WebCite is having financial difficulties:

WebCite will stop accepting new submissions end of 2013, unless we reach our fundraising goals to modernize and expand this service.

Please support our crowdfunding campaign. If you are interested in keeping this service alive, please give generously - or at least share our campaign on Facebook. Funders supporting us with $250 or more will be acknowledged by name on our redesigned website.

You can donate here.  I'll probably throw them a few bucks over the course of the year.  WC is about as close a thing as you can find on the net to a public service, well deserving of support.

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