Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Are The 130,744

That's how many souls registered to vote for the new LPoC leader, according to an email today from party president Mike Crawley.  Being under 1/2 the 294,000 number touted several weeks ago, I think this qualifies as disappointing, but I'm too under the weather to bitch about it.  This old post should  serve in that capacity, however.


UnEvil One said...

Read somewhere that the Trudeau team claimed that they had signed up 170,000 supporters - somewhat less than the number now registered. Turns out that many were signed up by phone, with no email address, which is why his team was the one pushing for the deadline extension.

Gotta wonder how many of those "missing" supporters were Trudeau's.

Murray apparently signed up 34,000. Got the feeling from her campaign that it was well organized enough that I'd bet that a high percentage of those did get registered.

Will that be enough to bring down the Messiah? Probably not, but hopefully it will make it look like more of a contest than what a lot of people were expecting.

Political Outsider said...

The final membership figure for last year's NDP leadership contest was 128,351.

kitt said...

Oh did you know that people are able to register to vote by phone? No email needed. And they can also vote by phone.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who expected supporters to register in massive numbers was deluding themselves. I happen to think the supporter drive was very successful, and I am surprised that the numbers that actually registered were as high as they were. Remember, this is the beginning of a long road to the next General Election, and a starting point with nearly 300,000 new supporters is a pretty strong contact list to build upon. Whosoever the next leader may be, I only pray that they can keep supporters coming into Liberalist at the same pace. It is the only realistic way to build the party voter, volunteer and donor base.