Friday, March 15, 2013

The Rules Of Engagement

Stephen Woodworth's private member's motion 312 is going nowhere, and its only a motion, not an actual bill, so it means nothing anyway.  Therefore the protest at Waterloo yesterday was just students killing time.  But that said, before the speechys start to howl at the way things turned out, it is worth noting the position of the campus security staff:

Although campus security was present, the pro-life organizers say they failed to take any kind of action to allow Mr. Woodworth to continue his presentation.  When asked to intervene, say the organizers, security said they would not unless the protesters became violent.

Campus security said they “couldn’t do anything because [the protesters] had the right to free speech as much as Mr. Woodworth did,” explained Clarissa Luluquisin, Central Campus Coordinator of the National Campus Life Network, who attended the event.

Luluquisin said Students for Life is an approved club and they had booked the space properly.

“I asked, what if this were a lecture and the students were talking while the professor was teaching? And the officer said, no that’s a different context,” she said.

So there, speechys.


double nickel said...

Good for the Security people. Common sense prevailed.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad this clown wasn’t allowed to speak. Kudos to the protesters for shutting this right winged loud mouthed down. University is a sacred place devoted to the intellectual production of minds. Woodworth has no place in an institution of higher learning spewing his hatred and bigotry. I am further disappointed with the police for not arresting Woodworth on charges of promoting hate speech. At the very least I feel that the message was loud and clear: Don’t come to our academic environment spreading hatred!