Tuesday, June 30, 2009

XXXtraordinarily Sexxxy For A Couple Of Straight Guys

Iggy and Gerard at the Pride Day Parade.

Gerard's almost making me go blind. The hair...! The hair...!


A Eliz. said...

Kennedy sure looks good!

Ti-Guy said...

I was worried Reality Bite's assertion that "it never rains on Pride Day" might be falsified this year, but apparently, it wasn't:

And then, just as the parade made its 2 p.m. start from Church and Bloor Sts., the rain simply stopped and did not start up again.

I didn't venture down this year because the weather had been terrible all morning (and I don't like crowds), but I did notice the sudden clearing in the afternoon.

Reality Bites said...

God's already picked a side, Ti-Guy. The other side just hasn't figured it out yet.