Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rob Granatstein Out At T.O. Sun

Was he not pro-Ford enough?

Did he object to Sun Media pulling out of the Ontario Press Council, where he sat as a member?


CK said...

well! well! well! I don't quite know what to make of that. I always thought he wrote like an escapee from an insane assylum. Shouldn't that have been enough for guaranteed employment for him?

Anonymous said...

Granatstein obviously refused to take Gerry Nicholl's Cultural elitism self examination

Just the facts, please said...

My only dealing with Granatstein was an attempt to correct a Salim Mansur error in which he appeared to copy the same chain email as The Citizen’s David Warren:

Mansur wrote: "The facts Middle America must consider about the two men vying for its votes is Obama’s record of barely 143 days in Congress with no military service, and McCain’s record of 26 years in Congress with 22 years of military service".

Similar claims about Obama's supposed "143 days appeared in a chain email campaign which fact check bodies, and major media identified as erroneous by any count. "Wrong”

CNN's "The Facts”: "Obama served 743 days in the Senate from his swearing in to the announcement of his exploratory committee".

AssociatedContent: "Another anti-Obama piece circulating on the Internet claims that Obama only has 143 days of Senate experience... This is Incorrect".

The Washington Post: "Obama served 743 days as a senator before presidential bid".

Granatstein investigated, and seemed to agree the number was incorrect and Mansur had provided no source ( as required), but did not correct. He was reasonably courteous and professional, however.