Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Press Accountability In An Age Of Industry Decline And Despair

To me, the take-away from this J-source piece is that Canadian journalism can no longer afford accountability; thus the slow death of provincial press councils.  As more journos are sacked, the result is fewer members, and fewer members willing to spend money that might, after all, be used to bring disciplinary action and the costs associated with fighting such action, against them. This was the same argument made by OpEd people against the now repealed section 13 of the CHRA: make us fork out lawyer's fees fighting hate speech charges and we can't bring you  this stuff.  Its a typical argument when your industry is circling the drain: free us from regulation, or we shall perish.  However, its pretty clear from  the piece that the end is coming soon.  Unfortunately, it will get uglier before it is over.  Print media as a profession will exit this world without a shred of grace or dignity.


double nickel said...

"There are four people hunting in the woods for their next meal. If they catch a deer,"
-That's where I stopped reading. Catch a deer, indeed.

crf said...

Have you read the Globe and Mail lately? I think there are a few pretty good journalists who work there.

But then this good work has to appear is the same paper as their editorial section. Lately a cesspool of plagiarism, borderline hate speech, and peevish whining. Like the internet come to print.

Maybe that's convergent adaptation.

Unknown said...

I'm very, very disappointed in you (shakes head sadly.)

bigcitylib said...

I guess flowers are out then.

Unknown said...

Not just any flowers. The FTD Splendid Grace casket wreath at $35.99, plus delivery. I had thought they'd put my name on the card. Well, that's one ratfucker career that's pushing up daisies.