Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Which Zach Paiken Makes Some Sense

A little bit.  Obviously calling for Liberals to rally around a leader that hasn't been elected yet is putting cart before horse.  But this paragraph is OK:

Liberals know full well what they believe in. Our party demonstrated a solid record of social progress and fiscal responsibility during its last stint in power, legalizing same-sex marriage and balancing the budget for eight straight years. Our party is also the most principled when it comes to Canada’s existential questions such as national unity. One need not look any further than the “Bloc Orange” phenomenon currently plaguing the NDP to see that this is the case.

Also, the point about having a leader young enough to lead the party through several elections is a good one.  So, maybe 1 1/2 paragraphs in 12 rise above crap.  But I would hesitate to blow the kid off too thoroughly.  He may be PM one day, and he'll need senators.


ch said...

Cart before horse, except someone should muzzle the insider from Joyce Murray's campaign who doesn't want to give his/her name (according to Hill Times) but is dishing dirt on the registration list.

The Globe and Mail has a full breakdown of the registration list, according to demographics. Again, it comes with negative spin. Same anonymous source or a different one this time?

Liberal insiders at it again. If Zach was saying Liberals should start putting away their divisions now - yeah, that would be good advice. But I don't think one of the camps is going to listen to. They may not even listen to it after the race is over.

Michael said...

"Fiscal responsibility". Um.......yeah

Marky Mark said...

Paikin's piece makes a lot of sense and I especially like how he defends the LPC being in the Centre as a matter of principle. Our more far left friends will not like this view.

Marky Mark said...
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Marky Mark said...

P.S. Dippers must be worried as they're attempting to smear JT for crossing a non-existent picket line by flying Porter.