Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alberta's Bill 44 To Be Implemented This Fall

...over the non-silent objections of teachers, Lindsay Blackett looks to "the silent majority" for support:

"For those people around the country that think that's somehow wrong, we in Alberta believe in family values, because the family's at the core of what makes a great community. . . . We're taking a lead, here."

Bill 44 may allow parents to drag teachers before the AHRC (Alberta Human Rights Commission) if, for example, they talk about religion or sexuality in class without giving advance notice to the parents, who may then ask that their children be pulled from the class in question.

Blackett is obviously preparing for such an eventuality:

"We're looking at overall governance of the commission and we're also looking at training of staff within the commission. So a lot of those things have to happen and we'd like to get them all tidied up before we actually proclaim the bill into law."

Wow! Beefing up the AHRC! Ezra's gonna be pissed.


Dunkler said...

It's almost as if Lindsay Blackett was trying to find the one way to piss off almost everyone in the province.

Simultaneously raising the ire of the WRA and the NDP? That takes talent.

Ti-Guy said...

Taking the lead in Canada? Uh, no. Just following in the foot steps of the American right, as usual.

ADHR said...

Anyone want to bet whether a teacher would be before the AHRC for defending Christianity or abstinence? Anyone?