Sunday, August 23, 2009

Note The Wording Of The Headline.

""X", poll says". Not "X".

CanWest doubts the validity of its own poll.

I say lets throw down in Sept. electionwise and Ignore anything out of CanWest or Ipsos. Its just another poll that nobody trusts from newspapers nobody reads.

Steve V thinks its nutz too.


Steve V said...

"I say lets throw down in Sept. electionwise and Ignore anything out of CanWest or Ipsos."

What I will be curious to see, is if our media shows any critical analysis here, or if they reference this poll to fuel their developing negative Liberal narrative. Anybody who doesn't blush when they read those Ontario numbers is a complete idiot (yes you Con supporter, all damp and what not). A serious journalist puts this in the "outlier" category, says nothing and waits for more data to confirm or support.

Ti-Guy said...

Something needs to be done about Ipsos Reid. I'm sure a psychologically brittle senior vice president can be easily rattled.

Kurt Phillips said...

Summer polls. I just assume that conservatives are all sitting at home while progressives are out traveling. I notice most conservatives don't like to stay more than 25 km from their homes; the world is a strange and scary place.

wilson said...

kids go back to school in a week, so everyone is home from their holidays to answer the phone.

Cons have been trending up for weeks, and PMSH just came off a week long fantastic, well reported (for once) Northern journey.

Believe the numbers,
Cons internal numbers must be similar,
that's why Jane Taber reported that the Con MPs got the 'absolutely no election speculation' email from the CPC.

Gayle said...

Oh give her a break TG. She is just trying to get Harper's attention.

Once the poll numbers go back down, wilson will retreat to the safety of the BT censor blogs where none of us can point out her foolishness.

wilson said...

And this is why Ti-Guy can demean women on Libloggers Gayle,
Liberal women never call him on it.
Very progressive bunch here.

Gene Rayburn said...

please wilson, noone is going to get behind your weak as piss accusation against Ti-Guy. You have spewed plenty abuse in the past and it is outright hypocritical of you to feign injury.

Really wilson, grow up and find your own opinion, not one emailed to you from Tory HQ.

Gayle said...

Oh wilson, TG is not insulting you because you are a woman, He is insulting you because you are just not that smart.

You only ever show up on liblogs when you think you have something to crow about, and then you try to "rub in in", in your usual juvenile fashion.

Besides wilson, as you well know I have been subjected to far more persistent and crass insults over at Joanne's, Hunter's and Janke's, and I have never, ever seen you call anyone on any of those comments.

Fortunately I am grown up enough not to let some mindless comment hurt my feelings. I have no need to lash out with mock outrage about how women are being attacked.

Now run back to where Joanne and Hunter can protect you if you are not mature enough to handle things here.