Monday, August 31, 2009

Out The Conservatives Day Swiftly Approaches

Connie and Co. at Free Dominion, after having been disappointed time after time by the Harper government re free speech issues, finally blew a gasket over the Investigative Powers for the 21st Century (IP21C) Act--which would force ISPs to disclose subscriber information such as name and address, and grant the police broad new powers to obtain transmission data and force ISPs to preserve data--and decided to strike back. Back in July, Connie wrote:

My proposal is that, if this government insists on doing this[IP21C], we strip them of their anonymity, too.

Every blogger and forum owner in Canada should begin compiling a list of usernames that have been used by IP addresses owned by the Conservative Party of Canada or the House of Commons, and we should set a day for a collective "reveal".

Well, I haven't followed the latest on IP21C, but it looks like the gang at FreeD is still...displeased...and it looks like a tentative reveal date has been set:

The 14th of September is nearing.....the day the house resumes sitting and the action begins...

...says ToryCanuck, one of their stalwarts.

Interesting to see what they can pull from their hats. Connie admits that Tory operatives have been pushing propoganda out through the message board for years. If they really can link pseuds to meat world interfaces, who knows what may follow?


Ti-Guy said...

Not that I've bothered finding out, but I'm curious as to why FreeDominion has extensive records of IP addresses. I thought they would have purged all of them when they decamped to Panama and they're on record stating they haven't kept any IP addresses since that time.

bigcitylib said...

All the IPs they have date from before that.

Ti-Guy said...

Shriek! They're going to find out I'm really a well-placed Liberal staffer!

...Just kidding. I never signed up to FD. I almost did a few years back, but then I remembered UseNet and thought better of it.