Saturday, August 15, 2009

Atticus Books Is Gone

...or at least gone on-line. Now all that's left of that great used book store strip on Harbord is The Women's Bookstore, which is all feminist stuff, so yuk.

Sure you can always buy over the net, but its far more entertaining to wander through the aisles and pick up stuff you might not have known you were interested in. I've killed many a sunny Saturday going from book store to pub to book-store. Now, with Pages closing and the one out by Spadina (Bachelard Books?) long gone, Queen St. is pretty much a dead scene as well. There are literally fewer and fewer reasons for me to make the trip into town.

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ADHR said...

I've never understood why people extolled downtown Toronto. Having seen downtown Montreal -- and even Pittsburgh -- Toronto's downtown is tragically uninteresting. Uptown, where I am, is really not that much different.