Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conservative Government: Single Most Important Step That Provinces Could Take To Improve The Competitiveness Of Canadian Business

...has nothing to do with us. A third Tory MP hangs the provinces out to dry over attempts at sales tax harmonization. Imagine how much responsibility they could shirk if they were ever handed a stable majority.


RuralSandi said...

Geez - you wouldn't want them Tories to act like grown ups and take responsibility at this stage would you?

Tom said...

Of course HST wouldn't even be heard of if Chritien hadn't told lies about scrapping the GST if he was elected. He realised that GST was a good policy and HST made sense financially. Of course, what with the 'concern' about EI Chretien is being drawn as 'not a Liberal' by some bloggers so they don't have to reecognise that the LPC is responsible for this EI problem.