Friday, August 07, 2009

Because We M.J. Murphy's Have To Stick Together

Usually, when a google alert for "M.J.Murphy" arrives at my in-box, its about the recycling guy in Rhode Island, but it turns out I've got a namesake in New Zealand whose been up to even better stuff.... designing (what is purportedly) the world's first underwater restaurant:

“Ithaa’s distinctive feature is the use of curved transparent acrylic walls and roof, similar to those used in aquarium attractions. “The fact that the entire restaurant except for the floor is made of clear acrylic makes this unique in the world. We are currently planting a coral garden on the reef to add to the spectacular views of the rays, sharks and many colourful fish that live around the reef near the restaurant.”
And here's a you-tube clip of the view out. Check out the big rays a minute or two in.

Be weird, though, if you were eating shark and a couple of the guy's relatives showed up and started watching you.

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