Monday, August 10, 2009

Stephen Harper To Canada: I Spank You, Spank You, Spank You!

Blame Canada:

Then punish Canada:

Tourism businesses that sell to Mexican customers have been complaining the visa has caused a far larger drop in business than the recession.

“We have about 50 per cent cancellations, and now we don't have new bookings,” said Alain Paquette, sales director for bus-tour operator Amerigo Tours Inc.

Mexicans can't make last-minute travel plans for Canada, Canada is no longer a lower-hassle choice than the U.S., and the visa move has generated an anti-Canadian sentiment in Mexico, he said."


crf said...

Another example showing that the tories are only capable of being an opposition party.

Ted Betts said...

" I Spank You, Spank You, Spank You! "

Oh. That's, um, cheeky.

Ti-Guy said...

Whenever South Park's Blame Canada is brought up, I always make a point of mentiooing the last line of the song:

"We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming uuuuus!"

Very apropos.