Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Downside of Sue-Ann Levy

Female, Gay, and Jewish? The Hudak Tories probably figure they'll never have to do all that stupid "outreach" stuff again. But not so fast! Now Magazine explores the downside of Sue-Ann Levy--who has exited The TO Sun to run for the PCPO in the riding of St. Paul's-- here:

And Levy’s not without some powerful, personal political connections of her own. Longtime Tory fixer Jeff Lyons, a big money raiser back in the day, is her uncle. We can only imagine the chatter at family gatherings.

Levy, though, may want to keep uncle Jeff away from this one, especially if she’s going to get on her high horse about the Grit’s eHealth problems.

Lyons, some will remember, was front and centre in that computer leasing scandal that undid Mel Lastman. Back then, Levy advocated putting an end to the inquiry called to investigate the scandal that cost taxpayers $102 million. Go figure."

My take on Sue-Ann's overfoamed rhetoric here. Being a journalist, there will be a ton of material from Ms. Levy's pen to bash her over the head with.


Christian said...

I heard her on wingnut radio (640am) a couple of years back, say that it would be better for society if poor women got their tubes tied. I'm guessing she would qualify for one of Letterman's "crazy evil bitches" award.

Patrick Ross said...


Can't say I like that. I mean sure, the guy is her uncle. But if something's up, something's up. It was the municipal government's responsibility to investigate that.

Failing that, you involve the RCMP.

That's not the kind of thing I'd want to be on the wrong side of.

Mark Richard Francis said...

To her everyone to the left of Mike Harris is a socialist. Even when she has something useful to say, her presentation is overshadowed by her political rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

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