Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mulroney Says Torys Should Bury Hatchet, But Not In His Head

Musings on The Chin's upcoming wing-ding.

Who's coming, who isn't. Maxime Bernier's going to be there. He's bringing his father along as chaperone. So I guess he's available.

This bit is esp. interesting:

A cabinet minister in Mulroney's government, Charest's decision to co-host the event has some speculating he might seek a return to federal politics, perhaps as Harper's eventual replacement.

If true, we might almost be getting to the point where I could vote Tory on the federal level again.

(I remember hearing his shift to Que. provincial politics being analysed 10 years ago as follows: "Well he must know he'll never be PM")

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EB-5 Dreamlife said...

Sorry BC:

Don't think he would go near a Con of the 21st century...