Monday, August 17, 2009

The Problem With E. May Running In

Saanich-Gulf Islands next election is that she will hand the riding to Gary Lunn.

“It does appear that the majority of people in this large riding don’t want a Conservative, but they can’t agree on any single alternative,” said Dr. Dennis Pilon, political science professor at the University of Victoria who specializes in BC politics.


“It would be better, in my mind, for May to try to find a riding where the New Democrats are hopeless, but they get a chunk of support, and then she can try and take over the Liberal party’s vote.”

On a sad side note, it looks like totally babelicious Briony Penn will not be running for the Liberal Party.


Robert McClelland said...

May should have have stayed in London North Centre. She did pretty good in the by election a couple of years ago and could have built on that. By jumping around the country she's essentially starting over every time.

bigcitylib said...

I always figured she might have a good shot out in Guelph. Last time out the Green pulled about 25%. You figure a Party Leader would significantly improve that.

Steve Bloom said...

Apparently the choice was based on polling, so there must have been something in it to recommend the BC riding.