Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blue Network Leadership Emerges, Retreats

From the blogging Tory forums, last afternoon, a comment from Matt Altheim re "The Blue Network", a clandestine group of Tory rebs:

Thank you for all your comments. Just try not and put too much emphasis on a word or two. We do not mean 'moderate' as in ideological beliefs, rather that we are not looking at reforming the party through any radical or undemocratic means. Our brand of Conservatism needs to return to strong right wing principles and policy. Our party has become a very top-down organization that ignores the membership base which has seen true right wing policy practically vanish.

We support the core values of old Reformers and PCs. We are against this 'Liberal Lite' form of Conservatism we have been given.

We are not a secret society, but at the initial stages we would like to prevent party hacks from influencing the organization. That is why we choose to use a referal system or go through and contact each applicant individually. That is why our network is closed; we have a full slate of information, greivances, and workshops for members to be involved in.

I hope this clarified things.

This morning, however, the comment has revised so as to bear the name of "Mr. Blue", the fellow whose been spreading word of the network throughout the blogosphere, and Mr. Altheim is merely recorded as having said:

This is interesting... The webmaster should post more info on the homepage.

Anyway, Matt Altheim is a Edmonton based Tory activist who once considered running for the Conservative nomination in Edmonton-East, Peter Goldring's riding. Dr. Roy thinks he is an earnest young man.

So The Blue Network is at least semi-legit.


Jon Pertwee said...

Im trying to figure out Matt Altheim's website. Is he a political candidate? Does he have an elected role? Has he created an election style site for his own ego? He is one ambitious and confusing man.

Though I did have a chuckle the photo of him listening in on a conversation between two fat men as "discussing the economy".

Then he used the word leftist in his bio and I realized: nutbar of the future. Should be great seeing Matt make an ass of himself on the CBC in a few years time.

MgS said...

In other words, the wingnut base of old Reform party isn't happy.