Saturday, August 29, 2009

Into The Senate And Off The Hook

Has anyone else is the anglo media or blogosphere picked up on Buzzetti's point? That Doug Finley's newfound parliamentary immunity will allow him to avoid testifying re. the Cons electoral fraud?

From here. Translation of Buzzetti below:

" As for the nomination of Mr. Finley to the Senate, it will have another consequence. Being from now on a member of Parliament, one will not be able to require of him qu' any more; he appears before a committee of the House of Commons for qu' he explains his role in the strategy of electoral financing of the Conservative party in 2006. Mr. Finley is famous being the brain of the mechanism known as of “in and out”, stratagem by which the conservatives are suspected of having spent 1 million dollars moreover than the allowed electoral limit. This cause is always in front of the courts, but the deputies in Ottawa tried l' summer last to hold of the audiences on this subject and any preserving apparatchik n' condescended to present itself, in spite of the assignments to appear been useful in certain cases. Mr. Finley, slinger, s' was presented two days before the date envisaged by requiring d' to be heard immediately, without what it would not return. He had been escorted by the security service. "

Not sure if that helps or not.


Greg Fingas said...

To my recollection the immunity only applies while Parliament is in session, so it might not be impossible for him to be compelled to testify eventually - but it would certainly offer another means of delaying and distracting from any charges.

buckets said...

Have some words dropped out of the translation?

bigcitylib said...


It looks like it, but every time I run the passage through Babel it comes out the same.

Anonymous said...

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