Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Australia's Cap & Trade Plan Will Be Passed

After a deal was struck between the government and opposition parties yesterday evening. One thing that gets left out of coverage of AGW politics as they are playing out in Australia is that, were PM Kevin Rudd to call an election over the issue, which he has threatened to do, he would win an expanded majority in both upper and lower houses.

Years of climate change induced drought will wise anyone up re environmental issues.


Anonymous said...

AFAIK, that deal is regarding the renewable energy package that was split apart from the overall cap and trade (ETS) legislation.

ETS will probably return for Senate consideration in November (the govt has to wait at least three months). If there's no deal then, then yes the govt. could call a "double dissolution" election where all seats in both houses will be up for grabs. And if Rudd's popularity holds up, he would win an expanded majority. So ETS will pass sooner or later, but not yet.

bigcitylib said...

You are right. I misread that article. After reading it a couple of times too.