Monday, November 23, 2009

CRU Hack: Who Is Hugh Miller?

He seems to be the guy behind Anelegantchaos, a page that allows you to search those hacked emails from CRU that allegedly reveal the great global warming conspiracy. Here's a bit from the whois on the site:

Domain ID:D108560062-LROR
Created On:15-Nov-2005 17:47:05 UTC

Last Updated On:16-Nov-2009 01:26:16 UTC
Expiration Date:15-Nov-2010 17:47:05 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:1 & 1 Internet AG (R73-LROR)
Registrant Name:Hugh Miller

Its a real guy; at least the email ( matches the email of this web developer with Clyde & Forth Press.

On the other hand, Jeff points out that Hugh Miller is also the name of a Glacier.


Ti-Guy said...

Anelegantchaos? How apropos.

The swarming assholes of IT techicians and engineers. When the collapse comes, the camps will be filled with them.

Frank said...

Smear the motley CRU? They did a pretty good job of that themselves, and in their own words. Embarrass, of course; shame, I hope so; ridicule, please yes.

Who ever posted the stuff was probably smart enough to hide/disguise his own tracks, unless he wants to get caught of course.

Frank said...

BTW, the Tim Ball video is going viral. From five thousand to twelve thousand views in six hours.

Jeff said...

who or what is hugh miller?

sharonapple88 said...

BTW, the Tim Ball video is going viral.

Tim Ball... this Tim Ball?

Few in the audience have any idea that Prof. Ball hasn't published on climate science in any peer-reviewed scientific journal in more than 14 years. They do not know that he has been paid to speak to federal MPs by a public-relations company that works for energy firms. Nor are they aware that his travel expenses are covered by a group supported by donors from the Alberta oil patch.

Frank said...
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Holly Stick said...

So was the glacier named after the 19th century Scottish geologist? He still has friends.

jules said...

BCL, read comments #16 to discover some more about hugh miller.

maybe you even can become facebook friends :-)

Gerrard787 said...

==This reply is to BCL's newer post which has comments disabled for some curious reason.==

Remember: repeal S.13, and these guys are the big winners.

Uh, no. The real winners to repealing S.13 would be all Canadians, who will no longer see their speech infringed upon by incompetent bureaucrats who do not understand core legal concepts.

Raising, for the umpteenth time, the bogus threat posed by some basement Nazis won't wash anymore with Canadians.

Much more substantive threats, such as allowing in defeated Tamil Tigers to regroup and the ongoing case of the Toronto 18 are issues currently pertinent to Canadians.

Unfortunately, the left appears to still be living in an imaginary past where Nazis bestrode the Canadian landscape. Will reality ever intrude?

Gerrard787 said...

They ain't Xtian and they aren't jihadis by any objective measure either.

Canadians see persons such as the Toronto 18 as a greater threat to our security. And they are correct. Sadly, Canada's left hasn't caught up with reality.

Gerrard787 said...

And Kyle McKee is a native Ontarian. Can we give this fine
specimen back? :)

Frank said...

BCL has spiked my response to sharonapple88's comment re Tim Ball. But I can now report, if this is permitted, that Dr Ball's interview video has truly gone viral. Thirty-three thousand views in the past 24 hours.

sharonapple88 said...

They ain't Xtian and they aren't jihadis by any objective measure either.

A few of these yahoos (screencap of an Aryan Guard member) claim to follow the Christian Identity faith, which preaches a rather racist form of Christianity, and people of this faith are on a mission.

"Christian Identity also believes in the inevitability of the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ.... The result will be a violent and bloody struggle -- a war, in effect -- between God’s forces, the white race, and the forces of evil, the Jews and nonwhites."

Creepy how religion is used to justify violence against others.

Emerson said...

"Few in the audience have any idea that Prof. Ball hasn't published on climate science in any peer-reviewed scientific journal in more than 14 years."

Not a surprise as now we know how Jones and his thugs hijack the peer-review process. Sorry, but this argument isn't valid anymore.

The Finnish TV, YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Co., TV1, aired a few weeks ago an
excellent program covering the climategate scandal. This should remind us what
journalism should be, something that is forgotten a long time ago. It is even
more surprising coming from a government owned TV channel. Below is the program
with English subtitles:

part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

English transcription:

Late Merry Xmas and a Great Happy New Year to everyone, and that in this new
year we could have a cleaner environment and that we can stop our science of
being corrupted for political causes.