Thursday, November 05, 2009

Did Harper Self-Whip?

Susan Delacourt finds a news story on one of the first gun registry votes, from 1995:

Reform MP Stephen Harper (Calgary West), touted by some as a future Reform party leader, bucked his caucus and voted with the government, as did the Bloc Quebecois.

She's also got hold of a copy of that report that Peter Van Loan has been suppressing:

It's spending less, attracting more registrants and police are using the registry more -- almost 4,000 times last year.

Also, I am hearing that Mark Holland is talking about gutting the bill in committee, where the opposition has a majority.

So perhaps its not over yet.


penlan said...

"Also, I am hearing that Mark Holland is talking about gutting the bill in committee, where the opposition has a majority."

I sure as hell hope so. This really should be stopped as the police & RCMP find it so useful.

Jim said...

Have you actually read the bill?

There is nothing for that smarmy little grandstander to gut.

If the Libs drag their feet on this bill, it will do them more harm than good.

bigcitylib said...


It was from a tweet and I have not seen anything in writing. How about, instead of "gut", "festoon with substance destroying amendments"?

Ti-Guy said...

There is nothing for that smarmy little grandstander...

Lemme guess...Albertan?

Frunger said...

The Cons don't really want this to go all the way through anyway. It's a great motivator to the base, and if the Libs kill it in the senate or drag their feet, I think it would serve Harper just fine.

I love it when supports of the registry drag out that 4,000 time a year nonsense. The database is AUTOMATICALLY queried when cops are looking up anyone.

It doesn't mean the infomation is all that useful, or even accurate.

You show me a cop that leaves his service pistol at the station for a bust on a suspect with a 'no gun' result and I'll show you someone who has no business protecting us for a living.

The truth is that our public defenders ASSUME there are weapons in a home, and EXPECT to get shot at every time they respond to a call. It's how they keep themselves sharp, and safe.

Gun registry, RIP.

(and I don't own a gun or ever expect to)

Jim said...

Sorry TiGuy, I am a little to the left of Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me of any powers or access to information that the police decided they didn't need?

Terry 1 said...

More tory hypocrisy on display. The Tories will try and manufactuer its ultimate defeat at the senate or committee and then blame the opposition.

RuralSandi said...

Do Harper supporters realize how much money he's sucked out of them with that gun registry crap? I bet it's more than a registration fee.