Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Iggy's Great Failure

Tory's won't vote for him, and now Iggy is set to throw away the Liberal vote. Plus, another reason to despise Keith Martin.

Lets make something clear: the cries of "our hands are tied" from Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff are nonsense. The NDP has a history of "whipping" free votes, and of course nobody really expects any urban Tory to be voting their conscience at 5:30 today. But of course what worries me are the implications for the Liberal Party of Canada. It seems that they have sold their last principle in exchange for a charismatic leader who is utterly lacking in charisma.


Terry 1 said...
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Terry 1 said...

Iggy has done the right thing to avoid splits in his own party. He cannot win on this one no matter how hard he tries. There are better fights to come and he can retrace this one by stating he allowed a free vote as it was the best way to deal with the issue.

Dirk Buchholz said...

Please this is hardly an issue worthy fighting over.It sure as hell is not worth the billion or so it cost or will cost.
The NDP is doing the right thing by allowing a free vote.The long gun registry is a waste and serves no useful purpose,good riddance.

Big Winnie said...

I'm sure Harper is NOT going to allow a free vote.

If the CONs are so tough on crime, why do they insist on removing a tool usesd by police forces? Also, has anyone dtermined what the costs are to maintain the database, after the initial costs?

RuralSandi said...

The Cons haven't been keeping it up to date anyway so it's probably so far out of wack it doesn't matter at this point.

ricky said...

Big Winnie

This is a win for the cons. Its a loss for the LPC. It does not matter that the Harper CONS are expected to vote for the Bill. If Libs vote for this, they have done more to hurt their electability than all 79 votes for Harper in past have done.

Mark Richard Francis said...

The Liberals should keep it in place, because we need one.

all that is going to happen is that the registry will return another day, divisive as ever.

Mind you, let's not forget that this is not the last vote on this Bill.

"It seems that they have sold their last principle in exchange for a charismatic leader who is utterly lacking in charisma."

But he's supposed to be really smart, and likes himself a lot. Doesn't that help?

Isn't a narcissist vs. a megalomaniac a good match?

ricky said...

I forgot to add that the NDP have lost some here too. Im not too pleased to see four MP's siad to be ready to vote for this bill

CanadianSense said...


Okay did the PMO take over this blog?

Again the HOST is dead bang on, his honesty is shocking the LPC brigade who parrot the LPOC.

This is ugly, going to get uglier real soon.

Where is the strongest support for keeping this bad policy?

Under 25, university educated 100k+ salary, large urban centres?

Shooting your voting blocks in the face?

The Bloc in QC will benefit. The CPC benefit.

This refusal to whip your MP is a sign of weakness.

CanadianSense said...


giving advice on drama again?

Time to change those sheets again?

You can't handle the truth, BCL nailed it.

Non parrots LPOC get it.

It is called honesty. Google, wikipedia it for reference. Best of luck.

TG want a cracker?

CanadianSense said...

Hardly BCL has many posts I don't agree with.

This specific post is bang on. The Liberals and NDP have both whipped votes when necessary.

He alleges the CPC are whipped. I agree.

Liberals, NDP are not interested in whipping their MP's or are unable.

BCL is aptly pointing out about the "outrage" and loss of more voters and following this deeply flawed strategy.

Ti-Guy said...

...and you can't write, either.

Go read one of those books from those lists of assigned reading from undergrad English courses you copied and pasted into your profile, you fraud.