Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flyers "Damaged" Cotler, Says Speaker

OTTAWA — The Conservatives may have damaged the reputation of Liberal MP Irwin Cotler by sending taxpayer-funded flyers into his Montreal-area riding which suggested the Opposition party was anti-Semitic, Speaker of the House of Commons Peter Milliken ruled Thursday.

The practical consequences to this decision--it

...opens the door for federal politicians to investigate the matter in a parliamentary committee.

PS. Imp says it better.


wilson said...

'...opens the door for federal politicians to investigate the matter in a parliamentary committee'

Be careful what you wish for...
(beware the blogosphere)

Cotler spelled with a K,
is that a mistake, or am I missing something?

bigcitylib said...

Re Kotler vs. Cotler, No, just my mistake.

Otehrwise: Oooo! threats! Conservative bloggers are going to bring the smears! Lets rock, hayseed!

Gayle said...

wilson - are you actually trying to suggest bloggers are going to come forward with evidence the flier is correct?

Because you and yours have been trying that, and the only ones you are convincing are yourselves.

Gene Rayburn said...

Has wilson ever uttered anything that sounded like it came from the mouth of a sane person?

CanadianSense said...


Here is a free lesson. Let's pretend the opposition "win" and introduce a restriction for 10% only in their own ridings.

In the next election care to do the math who will be gaining and losing seats.

You have just restricted the opportunity to reach the other ridings.

I have lost count how many times the CPC have allowed the opposition enough rope to hang themselves and look stupid.

Best of luck. I hope this latest strategic move works out.

Gayle said...

Yes CS, because the only way to advertise your party is through 10%ers.

Though I love your pathetic defence of spending millions of tax dollars for CPC advertising. Your solution? Spend MORE tax dollars. God I love you "fiscal conservatves".

Thanks for the laugh.

Gene Rayburn said...

Ah Oakville Crackpot, dependably mediocre as always.

Ti-Guy said...


CS, Wilson: You two bilious harridans need to get laid.

Maybe you should get together?

CanadianSense said...

Another fake point Gayle.

You whine about $ 10 million and Billions have left the door.

If the CPC sign a deal with Cap and Trade Carbon Exchange how many more Billions will be transferred to Big Business?

But like the clowns car brigade worry about the pocket change.

it must be sad to take a name of a gameshow host and spend your entire time parroting a party heading for the dustbin.

Keep making personal attacks, you have nothing else to add.

Like TG flaccid and angry you picked the wrong team.

Ti-Guy said...

Hey CS, from down here, I can see up your skirt.

CanadianSense said...

Any other Liberal activitis, traits you want to share?

Patrick nailed you in his blog. Best of luck with the clown car brigade.

The Liberals are going to have another drinkers conference for the flaccid parrots. Don't forget to remind your "blogger" friends.

Gayle said...


I think I have figured it out. CS is a joke. This has to be a comedy act. No one could be so deluded and blind to their own hypocrisy, coukd they?

Ti-Guy said...

What is that, the Elora Gorge?


Gene Rayburn said...

Oakville Crackpot, I challenge you to find a single talking point from me. I play for no team.

You're the one that buys the lies.

Gene Rayburn said...

The sheer mention of Patrick nailing anything is truly funny. Twatrick isn't exactly sex appeal.

Ti-Guy said...

Patrick isn't even sane.

Probably why the Crackpot's attracted to him. That and those long, empty, solitary evenings with nothing to do but stew in her bile, screech on her blog and all over the Internet.

Gene Rayburn said...

I've been revising my theory too. Its not that Oakville Crackpot's ex looked like Iggy but she might actually look like Iggy.

Anything is possible in these times.

Ti-Guy said...

Its not that Oakville Crackpot's ex looked like Iggy but she might actually look like Iggy.

I don't know. I think she probably looks more like this.

...or this

...or this.

RuralSandi said...

The fact that Wilson, CS even think using religion is okay is telling in itself.

Sick and pathetic

RuralSandi said...

By the way, the letter does NOT use the military or mention them. It's about human rights and about Harper trying to ruin another public servant.

No where does it mention military.

I wonder if anyone has copies of the many vile fundraising letters that Doug Finlay sent.

CanadianSense said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Terry 1 said...

Canadian nonsense, you and you other alter ego who posts as brusmit on Nik's blog are so full full of shit. I bet the sewers in oakville are overloading with the diaherra you spew.

Racism and hate literature as practised by Jason Kenny and his fellow thugs is right up your alley I see.

mke sure you let your own MP know your thoughts.....he might actually start talking to you as he is a racist as well.

CanadianSense said...

Parnel it is funny how is the banning going, how many more this week?

Best of luck with a party that smears our sons and daughters and brands them as War Criminals.

20% may be too high next time out.

Ti-Guy said...

Best of luck with a party that smears our sons and daughters and brands them as War Criminals.

What is she on about now?

These people can't tell the truth to save their lives.

CanadianSense said...

Deny these the Liberal Party leader asked these questions in the HOC and Rocco Rossi actions.

The federal Liberal Party is using the Afghan torture allegations as a fundraising tool.

Michael Ignatieff posed this question: “What kind of government, what kind of Canadian government does nothing to prevent torture?”

Mr. Ignatieff stood for his second question. “Mr. Speaker, reports of torture reached the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s own national security advisor,” he said. “For 18 months, the government knew about torture in Afghan jails. For 18 months, it did not investigate. For 18 months, it did not stop it and it has covered it up.

Tof KW said...

"Best of luck with a party that smears our sons and daughters and brands them as War Criminals."

Using typical GOP tactics now CanadianNumbskull? When losing the argument, change the channel and accuse your opponent of being against our soldiers. Where did anyone say anything against our troops in all of this? How pathetic & simple you are CS.

The point of this whole episode is not that our diplomats made mistakes, politicians ignored warnings, and that our troops just followed orders. The point is the cover-up.

And for what?

Harper would do better by admitting mistakes were made and to begin an inquiry. He risks taking this episode from a mere 2-3% drop in the polls, to doing serious damage to our nation's international image simply because he’s stonewalling the whole matter. As politicians should have learned ever since Nixon, it is not the act that hurts you’s the cover-up.

I could case less that Harper is screwing himself by not calling for an inquiry, my only concern is the damage this does to Canada's reputation. And judging by the poll numbers, a sizable number of hardcore CPC supporters even know this is wrong.

CanadianSense said...

Testimony from three Retired Generals(Opposition MP are calling them liars?)

You morons got played and chose to believe Colvin and run with it?

Where is you PROOF, hard evidence?

"How ludicrous a statement is that from any one single individual who really has no knowledge to be able to say something like that, and we didn't see any substantive evidence to indicate it was that way," Hillier said.
Gauthier also denied he had heard any allegation of torture in 2006.
"To be clear and precise about this, last week’s evidence states categorically that the very high risk of torture in Afghan prisons was first made known to senior members of the Canadian Forces in May of 2006 and repeatedly thereafter," Gauthier said.
"In actual fact, I and others received such warnings in a substantial way for the first time more than a year later than that."
Gauthier also said that Colvin's 2006 reports from May to September never mentioned the risk of torture or suspected torture. He said the word torture does appear in a Dec. 4 report, december but could be "reasonably interpreted to be a warning of torture."
"I can very safely say there is nothing in any of these 2006 reports that caused any of the subject matter experts on my staff nor by extension me to be alerted to either the fact of torture or a very high risk of torture. Nothing," Gauthier said.

Chantal Herbert:

The former top military leaders and the distinguished mandarin who testified this week do not deny that Colvin's correspondence existed, that it was voluminous and widely available at the highest levels of the bureaucracy and the government. But they totally take issue with his depiction of their content and his characterization of their responses.

Conservative strategists are hoping that by parading generals and senior public servants in support of the government's position, they will turn the tide.

To all intents and purposes, an opposition-controlled parliamentary investigation has been successfully hijacked by the government's spin doctors.
You team got "played" again.

Left to twist on those smears and accusations. See you on the campaign trail.

Liberals (Colvin) vs CPC (Hillier)

Really dumb move!

Gene Rayburn said...

Oakville Crackpot, you have yet to prove I am a member of any political party.

Keep on wanking!

Gene Rayburn said...

Colvin vs Hillier? Come on

its more like Crackpot vs Sanity.

You really should get some counselling Isabella, all you talk about is the Liberals. It's not healthy to fixate so much.

Get help, just like the Raging Tory should.

CanadianSense said...


Aquila non captat muscas

Gene Rayburn said...

The eagle does not catch flies?

Okay, well get some help anyways. You need to talk to someone.

Holly Stick said...

So slimeball Anders sent his Conservative anti-semitic flyers to Montreal. Aslo scumbag Flanagan shoots off his mouth:

"...According to Flanagan, attack ads and flyers work if a party can successfully skirt the line between truth and distortion.

"If an attack is totally fictional, it will backfire if there's not truth in it at all," he says. "Canadians will tolerate attacks based on half-truths, misstatements, partial misstatements and distortions. As long as there is some basis there it becomes a matter of debate. If there's no basis it will backfire."..."