Monday, November 30, 2009

They're Back!

Aryan Guard rescinds breakup! Still planning White Pride March in 2010! The Calgary media is a week behind this story, but ARC outlines the stakes pretty clearly:

In all honesty, there is reason to be concerned. Back biting within the remnants of the Aryan Guard with the new "leadership" taking a decidedly violent and threatening tone, all the while in a conflict with the equally violent W.E.B. gang. Both groups claim they will take their, "activism" to the streets and off the Internet. Both groups have people who have been charged with and/or convicted of numerous crimes, including assault and attempted murder. Both groups have stated they will begin targeting minorities in the city of Calgary.

The police need to step up and deal with these people before someone is seriously injured or killed. McKee was building pipe bombs and amassing a supply of weapons. There's no reason to doubt that others in both gangs have done the same. And while their violence might take the form of targeting one another, we do fear for any innocents caught in the cross fire.

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Kurt Phillips said...

A week behind, but I wonder if they'll bother catching up? They have a nice, neat and tidy ending to their story (sans McKee's capture) so a reformed and more extreme Aryan Guard doesn't fit well into the narrative.