Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Do You Think The Government Mishandled The Swine Flue Vaccination Process?

CBC is asking, if anyone wants to respond.

PS. You'd think CBC could do a bit better than using Polldaddy.


Ti-Guy said...

You'd think CBC could do a bit better than using Polldaddy.

The fact that they're even doing a poll, let alone an online poll, is bad enough.

Someone at the CBC needs to take a scalpel and excise that entire "Your view" initiative. That's what the private media is for. And, as the experience of TVO's "Your Agenda Thursdays" show, the views of ignorant, inarculate, angry, distracted (and needless to say, unattractive) people are irrelevant and that accommodating them is just a waste of time and resources.

If they want to host properly-moderated public discussions, that's fine. Even then, the audience participation portion is usually the least appealing part of it.

Ti-Guy said...

"inarculate" sb. "inarticulate."


John Cross said...

I can only think that if this had been a real pandemic we would be in trouble.

Ti-Guy - I actually thought that your "inarculate" was a witty comment (i.e. they can't even be articulate about articulate).


Ti-Guy said...

I know, I thought about leaving the reader with that impression, but that would have been dishonest. Besides, I'm rarely that subtle.

austin said...

Well the government certainly could of got more than one supplier but the government's decision to not donate vaccine to third world countries is looking good right now(or as good as that can look anyway). While I would not give them an A I would not give them a failing grade either. The answer to if they "mishandled" it will be decided when we find out when they ordered the vaccine.

Ardvark said...

Actually the government could not get more than 1 supplier thanks to a deal signed by Jean Chretien that lasts until some time in 2011. GSK was also nice enough to donate $56,000 to the LPC that same year coincidentally.

Cue Ti Guy to come in and tell me to F off.

sassy said...

Not so Ardvark ... ...Conservative government's own actions have made it clear that the contract was not prohibitive of them getting vaccine supply from elsewhere, they did so in recent weeks by buying from Australia.

Butler-Jones said the terms of the contract with GlaxoSmithKline, which Public Works said could only be obtained through a request under the Access to Information and Privacy Act, does not prohibit Canada from purchasing vaccine from another supplier

Ardvark said...

Interesting Sassy. I took my info from the CTV story which claimed the single source aspect.

Buying from someone else assumes that a surplus exists and so far it looks like in most countries that is not the case.

Too be honest the entire issue is giving me headaches.

Holly Stick said...

Of course there is the GSK connection with Harper's buddy Boessenkool: http://constvigil.blogspot.com/2009/11/on-this-day-in-globe-and-mail-on.html

But CBC TV news last night said some of the GSK vaccine is being exported because they do not have the bottling capacity.