Friday, November 27, 2009

Harper On The HST: The Buck Stops Elsewhere

Paul Wells says:
He's talking about this, and he elaborates in the comments:

"If the framework legislation is rejected before Christmas, we will not revisit the issue. Not next year. Not after the next election.”

Compare and contrast with party financing -- the per-vote subsidy -- which Harper has already declared he will revisit after the next election. I actually don't have a big problem with that. But we see the difference between a Harper who wants to get something done, and a Harper who wants to shift blame.

Just to be clear, this "framework legislation" is entirely superfluous:

8.3 (1) The Minister, with the approval of the Governor in Council, may on behalf of the Government of Canada enter into an agreement or arrangement with the government of a province respecting sales taxes and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, respecting. the agreement can be made via an Order in Council, which originate in Cabinet and approved by GG (see Governor in Council def.).

PS. If it comes to it, Iggy should support. Can't flip-flop now. In any case, the degree of anger here in Ont. over the HST doesn't seem as intense as in B.C. and will probably have faded by summer.


Ted Betts said...

Don't forget, Harper and Flaherty have claimed HST will provide a "crucial advantage" to Canadians.

And yet they say they will never again consider HST - not now, not after the next election - if this non-confidence vote doesn't pass.

So not only is Harper displaying a gross abdication of leadership and responsibility, but Harper is saying either:

- HST is still crucial to the properity of Canadians but he doesn't really care all that much


- he lied and HST is not so crucial afterall

Gene Rayburn said...

The BCNDP have a double digit lead over the Campbell Liberals. I would say that anger will be expressed when we finally get to kick the douche out.

Getting people too angry in BC has never seemed a good idea. There is crazy people in those hills.

bigcitylib said...


I thought part of the thing in B.C. was Campbell promised specifically not to Harmonize.

The issue is doing some damage out here (McGuinty's only up a few points in the polls at the moment), but is not all consuming.

Gene Rayburn said...


Campbell promised a lot of things. HST wasn't even mentioned specifically during the election but he did say there would be no major tax increases or changes. He also said no deficits during the recession which now keep growing and growing. It was amazing and frustrating how it all unraveled over the weeks following the elections.

Im fully expecting that every minor mayor in BC will lose their titles in the next elections, they did that the last time Campbell made them angry.

The polls keep opening up a bigger and bigger gap though the BCNDP is its own set of troubles. The problem is when people expect British Columbians to show up to a rally. Unless there's marijuana there you wont get a lot of people at your rally. Plus I think a lot of people out here are as creeped out about supporting a Vanderzalm movement as I was. Taxes arent a good reason for me to get behind a socially conservative ex Premier who used government finances to sell his theme park.

CanadianSense said...


I agree the Liberals promised during the campaign and that a large part of the outrage.

What is find funny is if some partisans think HST is a winner, how does paying for Cap and Trade work?

How much will it cost the average tax payer to fund this wealth transfer program?

Why is everyone onside with Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Energy setting up a trading market for credits?

Holly Stick said...

The story has changed today. It's all sweetness and light.

wilson said...

Yet, when Strahl wanted to use an Order in Council to remove barley from the CWB there was a lot of howling from Liberals,
but that was then, eh.

Gene Rayburn said...

barley turns wilson on?

RuralSandi said...

Groan.....this whole Wheat board thing. Even John Howard, former PM of Australia, super neo-con told Bush to rub salt when Bush wanted Australia to dismantle their Wheat Board and celebrities like Willie Nelson are going around trying to raise funds for the struggling independant farmers because the big conglomerates have taken over and they can't compete with them.

But whatever Harper tries to sell, the likes of Wilson wag their tails and follow him.

Tof KW said...

I don't know too much about BC, but here in eevil Ontario the HST issue in not really much of an issue at this point. That might change between now and July, but for now most people seem to realize it's a Dalton+Harper thing and that threatening to vote Lib federally or PC provincially won't change anything. They know the opposition in both cases is complicit. And for all the howling Hudak is doing, CITY-TV cornered him the other day and asked him point blank will he reverse the HST if elected. He dodged the issue of course.

CanadianSense said...

I think this is funny how desperate the attempt to frame this on the CPC.

Can you explain the justification for the Federal Government to NOT cooperate with the Provincical Government regarding taxes?

Apparently you hate when they lower GST by 2 PTS.

You hate they are using tax dollars to soften the transition for Ontario and BC during an economic recession.

Either way you are pissed because the LPOC have tried to play both sides of the fence and got another smackdown from the provinces and Harper.

Like EAP you smeared the provinces and cities who are tied to the funding. Epic Fail.

You tried they hysteria smear on bodybags and H1N1 and failed again.

You resorted to calling our sons and daughters in the military war criminals and have tried to discredit three retired generals and an ambassador who won't cooperate.

It would be shameful but as Bob Rae pointed out you guys are shameless.

Ti-Guy said...

What is that up there? A marmoset?

Gene Rayburn said...

Oakville Crackpot being shameless is far better than being you: deluded.

BTW I got another cheque from a polling company. I guess they must appreciate my pro-Conbot crap I fill out in their polls. Crypto-anarchism is great!

Wonder how high those numbers really are? I answer 5 polls a week.

Tof KW said...

CS - you hate liberals - we get it.
But would it kill you to stay on topic for once?

Ti-Guy said...

But would it kill you to stay on topic for once?

Today's update of Postcards from Crazytown.

522 comments and counting on IntenseDebate alone and not a single one on topic.