Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Sunday Notes

1) Its November 22 and I'm wearing sandals. Thank you El Nino. Pity about all those droughts in Australia.

2) Longos has the best samples of any major grocery store. When my wife and I shop there on Sunday's we call it going out for lunch. You can usually get two or three helpings before they recognize you and start asking questions. Then you just switch to a fake foreign accent. For example:

Q: Have you ever been to Yale?
A: I have. I yust got out.

Today's special was Spanish Blue Cheese, in which they employ a totally different species of fungus from the lame Gorgonzola shit! Awesome!

3) Wimmun: you can't live with 'em, you can't kill 'em. Although who can really blame her? I do disagree with all the stuff about Dion being more competent. But yes indeed Iggy has sucked the past couple of months. No hiding the fact. But why trumpet it? Given the timing of the post, I wonder if alcohol wasn't involved. Don't get drunk and go Facebooking, crazy lady!


Frank said...

Yes, I particularly like the bit about Toronto elites being responsible for the LPC demise.

I think Janine should have run, she's got more balls than whatshisname.

Ti-Guy said...

No hiding the fact. But why trumpet it?

It needs to be said. I've been holding my tongue for 11 months now, and it's done no one any good.

Iggy was vulnerable before the leadership convention and the Liberals made a decision in aggregate that demonstrated the kind of Canadian collective common sense that have put that Party in power so often. Some didn't like that, and now look where we are?

The bright side is that Iggy has failed on his own merits. And the Liberals really shouldn't want to be in government right this minute, given the mess Harper has made of everything, including now, potential war crimes.

But the Iggy clique has got to go. Ignatieff is too old to be salvageable.

I'll still vote Liberal, but I won't support Ignatieff anymore.

Ti-Guy said...

Shoot. Didn't get in before FrankD, one of the trolls who's ever-poised above this blog to crust it up with ejaculate.

Jim Parrett said...

I guess it has to do with the absolute frustration Libs feel about their party doing absolutely nothing, blowing the coalition and virtually disappearing off the face of the earth while the Cons rule the roost. Someone has to shame the party into action. It took a wommun to do it at that. Is it too late for some Donolo magic. Perhaps. But he better pull a rabbit out of the hat and fast.

Anonymous said...

"Toronto elites"

Isn't that an oxymoron, like socialist economics or Liberal honesty ?

Nice job of avoiding the CRU whistle blower leaks. . . . so much for the integrity of the IPCC and all the work/papers of the named scientists.

Should be a fun topic at Copenhagen/COP15

Gene Rayburn said...

and oxymoron might be Fred intelligent or FrankD eloquent.

Ti-Guy said...

Nice job of avoiding the CRU whistle blower leaks.

You're still spilling your seed over that in the comments section two posts below.

Ease up, Spermy. You don't want Paul S. to get pregnant with your child, do you?

Gerrard787 said...

And the Liberals really shouldn't want to be in government right this minute.

Or the next three to four years.

Liberals can't run their operation as an opposition party demonstrates they are ages away from being ready for prime time.

Another Liberal leadership campaign in 2010?

Ti-Guy said...

Liberals can't run their operation as an opposition party

Oh, yes they can. You're just not getting Canadian news out there in Albertardland.

Meta Kaizen said...

Krieber's commentary was not just sour grapes, but fermented grapes too. In vino veritas.

On the other hand, her comments about Dion are pure Molson goggles; he was bloody awful as Opposition Leader.