Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will B'nai Brith ReFeed Teh Crazy?

Well, they say they're going to.

Canadians welcome anti-radical Islam ad, B’nai Brith vows more to come

One hopes this is just butt-covering bluster designed to facilitate a retreat from this travesty of demagoguery and sub-standard graphic design. If BB does decide to run further inflammatory adverts, one can only hope they make them less like the kind of thing a teenage punk-band might produce with glue-sticks, scissors, and a cheap photocopier.

Talk to them about that, Harry Abrams.


Mitka said...

Only because BCF has thi9s bade habit of censoring my comments, I thought I would preserve it here for posterity...Re the new BB ad et al
-----------------------------------Josephine said...
I thought the ad was excellent, too.

I'm glad they'll be doing more.

10:30 PM

Revnant Dream said...
Canadians are not stupid. They know when a gun is pointed in their faces. This just underscores the problem. Glad this ad was put in the Post. Finally the Jewish Community is waking up to the fact the 6 th holocaust is facing them from Islamist maniacs.

10:39 PM

Blazing Cat Fur said...
I agree wholeheartedly Good on B'nai for saying what needs to be said.

11:47 PM

Harry and his Gypsy Accordion said...
Nice to see that somebody's still got a sense of ha ha out there.

1:39 AM

Blazing Cat Fur said...
Well if it isn't Harry Abrams, B'nai's ad made all the right people angry, Bernie, Susan Cole, the usual suspects from the always suspect pseudo-left, Frankie deserves a pat on the back.

1:44 AM

Mitka said...
Just out of curiosity, where did farber actually comment on the BB ad? The Sun article was written a full year and a half BEFORE the ad appeared. Nice fudging with the truth.

Oh yes and let,s recall it also enraged Holocaust survivors too...not that you care.

Dare you not to delete this

9:37 AM

Gene Rayburn said...
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