Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dalton McGuinty: You Magnificent Bastard, Part II

Perhaps the most significant of the proposed policy shifts would see an easing of the typical beer tent-type stipulation that required beer-drinking patrons or guests to obtain and consume their drinks in a fixed space – typically away from other aspects of the event. With these changes, such attendees at events should have much more freedom to wander with their drinks within the footprint of the event.

One of my few good memories of vacationing in Yuma, Ariz. was the weekend flea-market they held at their greyhound track. I'd wander around with an open beer and a Mexican flat-bread with icing sugar on it, and watch the people selling tasers and switch-blades, or the guy offering tax advice out of the back of his camper. I remember the taser-guy giving me a weird look when I told him they were probably illegal back in my country. And I remember one dude selling old coins trying to convince me that the stars visible on a Greek piece suggested that the ancients had been privy to astronomical knowledge given to them by space aliens. I kid you not. I told him that I'd just got off the plane, not the boat, but I think my brother bought a couple of his ring-shaped coins (like twonies with the center missing) and for years after wore them on a silver chain.

And of course, this was the early 90s, when LA Gear was desperately dumping its lower end runners at flea-markets and swap meets and you could buy a pair for $15.

Ah! The old days!

In any case, Dalton's latest policy initiative will serve to bring rural and urban Ontarion's closer together. Or at least, when the wife wants to go visiting some of those farmers' markets North of Steeles, I won't get quite as bored.

PS. Part I was Family Day.

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Canajun said...

Finally something useful from this government.