Tuesday, February 01, 2011

MPP Jim Wilson Delivers The Tory Message

"I am standing in the snow with all my friends holding a sign my grand-kid made for me in kindergarten."

Apparently, Tory MPPs are fanning out across the province with this message, waiting to catch the populist wave.

Pic from here.

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Scanner said...

I just want to ppoint out that the debt charge is the direct fault of the creepy old man holding the sign. When he and the rest of the incompetents in the Mike Hairass government tried to sell Ontario Hydro to their Wall street friends, the bonds held by Hydro had to be redeemed and the money financed at a higher rate than Hydro was paying because the Ontario Gov't bond rating was reduced because of the fiscal incompetence of Flaherty. When the citizen outrage about this blatant gift to M and A grifters made it apparent this was an unwise move, they were stuck with the cost of redeeming the bonds. The debt retirement charge is a fiscally conservative way of handling this cost - something the Harris government knew nothing about What will happen to that charge when the cost is completely covered has not been determined.