Friday, February 25, 2011

In That He Couldn't Find His Ass With Both Hands

Peter MacKay has a "coordination problem".


WhigWag said...

Yay - we made the US news, the NY TImes, yet!

oh... "Canadian Rescue Plane Leaves Tripoli Empty"


Gee, wasn't it just 24 hours ago that the PMO-jihadis were scolding the LPC that while they were whining about Oda, the CPC was busy doing important things like rescuing Canadians from Libya?!

Not -- they were busy doing photo-ops to try to milk more credit from the ended EAP program, and MacKay himself was making false claims in front of his defense contractor buddies:

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Paul Martin coordinate the rescue. Afte all, he was still in Tripoli dining with Gadhafi wasn't he?

WhigWag said...

um, no, Kiddie: he was in Canada, calling on us to ground their planes & send in the troops

Tof KW said...

Yo Prairie Muffin, Martin went to meet Gadhafi back in the day so all the Calgary-based oil execs could get in on Libya's crude. If you Reformatories are so high and mighty on the ethics side of dealing with dictatorships, why didn't Harper cut ties with Gadhafi? He's had 5 years to do so.

double nickel said...

PK is a fine example of someone who shouldn't drink and type.