Monday, February 21, 2011


Coal is on today’s Kairos agenda.

Tria Donaldson of the Wilderness Committee arrives to make a presentation about four new coal mine applications from Fanny Bay to Campbell River. She distributes a map, marking the proposals.

“I want to make sure we can focus on some of the awesome opportunities to take action on coal mining, here on Vancouver Island,” she says.

Article also speaks of the kind of things KAIROS can't do anymore, and the things it continues to do, since losing funding.


CanadianSense said...

Kairos can do whatever they want. The taxpayer is not going to foot the bill for their agenda.

Those church members are free to donate and replace the federal funding.

This decision to move away from these groups is over five years old.

Just like the Liberals they have been unable or unwilling to get off the taxpayer teat.

bigcitylib said...

"This decision to move away from these groups is over five years old."

Sorry. Where did you get this?

ridenrain said...

I'm so worried about funding some lefty social activists. Clearly, they don't have trouble finding their own funding from Soros, Tides or some other US based groups.

Lorne said...

Ridenrain said :I'm so worried about funding some lefty social activists.

I'm wondering why you classify KAIROS as a "lefty social activist" group. Does being concerned about human rights and environmental degradation make one a 'lefty'? If so, what values do right-wing activists espouse, and are you comfortable with those values?

WhigWag said...

So the conbots are setting their sites on NGOs, now.

What, you want Canada to renege on its very public commitments to international aid?

That's why they turned Toronto into a police state for the G20 this summer, remember?

So they could: a) er, try to block a global bank insurance fund to prevent another recession being caused by irresponsible banking practices; and b) get more commitments to international aid.

And how does Canada meet its obligations to spend on international aid? Which it now does to the tune of $5B per year, across the fed. gov't?

Well, it doesn't do it all through its own agencies, obviously.

If it did, you conbots would be howling bitterly about all that unionized, sinecured bureaucracy blah blah blah.

No, it partners up with several types of bodies to deliver those programs on our country's behalf, including: NGOs (non-governmental orgs); Quasi-NGO's (like crown corp's); GO's (actual foreign govt's we dispense aid to directly, or to some of their dept's); & multi-lateral org's (which are some combination of the above involving multiple gov'ts).

CIDA itself allocates about $3.3-B a year, now. Of that:

- Over half ($1.8-B: 52.7%) goes to "multilateral" orgs. like the UN.

- 17% of it ($560-M) goes to foreign orgs., the lion's share of that ($408-M: 12% of CIDA's total expenditures on Int'l Aid) directly to foreign gov'ts; and $408-M (4%) goes to foreign civil society/NGOs; with the remaining $21-M (<1%) going to foreign private sector orgs (like the infamous Halliburton as a hypothetical).

- and 30% of it (a shade over $1-B) goes to Cndn. orgs., with just a sixth of that ($173-M: about 5% of CIDA's total expenditures on Int'l Aid) being spent within gov't; and $701-M (21%) going to Cndn. civil society orgs. like Kairos; with the remaining $138-M (4%) going to for-profit Cndn. orgs.

(that's drawn from p. 25 of the latest available "Statistical Report on International Assistance - Fiscal Year 2008-2009" at with my calc's of the %'s).

WhigWag said...

oops, the second $408 in the foreign orgs. par. should've been overwritten; it was: $131-M (4%) goes to foreign civil society/NGOs

CanadianSense said...

As I said this defunding of advocacy groups is not a sudden change of mind regardless of the spin from the MSM or opposition MP's.

"The federal Conservative government says it will no longer fund women's groups that do advocacy, lobbying or general research."

This change was beyond "women's" groups.

The Conservative government indicated they wanted direct action on files.

"Government watchers say it's indicative of a move away from "government-funded lobbying," in favour of results-oriented projects."

I did a blog post about it on May 2010 about gotcha journalism.

double nickel said...

One can always count on canadiannonsense and her toady ridenhard to drop by every once in a while and spew their bile indiscriminately. They are best ignored.

WhigWag said...

That's crap, Senseless: the issue isn't that they were "suddenly" denying it due to advocacy, but that they wouldn't ADMIT that.

But contrary to the new suggestions, advocacy IS part of Canada's international aid objectives (or was), and for good reason: advocating for human rights, democracy, and sustainable development, that is -- which are all things KAIROS does, which is why it was supported for 35 consecutive years by all 3 types of Cndn. govt, until now.

You know, so that the mining & oil companies doing biz. in dictatorships & less developed countries would do less of the sorts of things that Ezra Levant complains about in "Ethical Oil," that are so very harmful to the underpaid & endangered workers, the local population. & the enviro.

And it's why THIS proposal was rec'd by CIDA & its advisers in other gov't dept's & the embassies of the targeted countries: because it was advocacy that would be _good_ for those countries

"The projects were to focus on alleviating poverty, teaching poor populations about their human and legal rights and supporting the sustainable extraction of natural resources."

ridenrain said...

Sorry. I put a big NOT in there but it looks like it dropped out. Dosen't look like anyone was confused by that though..

Donate your own money. Stop bitching and send them your own money, not mine.

WhigWag said...

Bridalshower: don't worry, people ARE donating, and the org. is surviving w/o any govt money, that was the point of the article.

But since you & esp. your rag-team partner Not-1-Red-Cent keep putting so much stock in using the 'Money Talks, BS Walks' fundraising success numbers as the all-important metric of what's truly worth taking note of in the body politic, then consider this:

acc. to the most recent years there's full, accessible data on, the CPC party itself raised just $17.7-M from
101,385 individual donors in 2009, for an ave. of $174, each.

But International Development orgs. raised on the order of half a BILLION to $600-M in 2007, from about 2 Million indiv. donors, for an ave. of $254, each.

So by that measure, your tiny minority (only 5% of the no. of Cndns. who are putting their money where their mouth is, on that issue) of squeaky wheels that have been providing the grease to the CPC are getting away with hijacking the policy directions from the rest, just 'cuz the piper they're paying is temporarily in charge of the gov't.

And that's not just something for us to grumble about to ourselves -- it's something that should be brought into the open to ask:

What gives a Party with only 35% of the popular vote and just a tiny percentage of more active continued support the right to overturn decades of social policy that's made Canada what it is?

Nothing; it's not right at all, and it's only been succeeding because they're so sneaky and deceitful about it, and the agencies affected have been both too shell-shocked and too hopeful of it somehow magically reversing itself to not be saying more about it, like Kairos has.

ridenrain said...

Brilliant deduction WhigWag. By that thinking, people give more to UNICEF too so the UN should run Canada?

The NDP gets more donations than the Liberals so you better switch parties too.

WhigWag said...

No, Rickets, for one thing there's no "too" there: UNICEF IS one of those international development organizations I mentioned that Canadians are donating to.

And the inference I was drawing obviously wasn't that the recipients of the donations should rule us;

it was that the gov't has no mandate to decide to cut off its contributions to those same recipients simply because they're charities or faith-based orgs, as you're maintaining now ...

and the evidence for that was to extend the argument / claim that you & Senseless keep making w/r/t the political subsidies issue, that having more donors is the best indicator of democratic support and will.

So I'm pointing out that international aid charities have 20 times as many individual donors in Canada as your bullying political party does, so by that measure, you should back the hell off, because it's clearly the minority trying to subvert the will of the majority.

And BTW, far from disavowing that faith-based orgs. should be in receipt of gov. money to deliver foreign aid, Oda's Parliamentary Secretary Jim Abbott, said this in the HOC on March 15, 2010, several months AFTER the Kairos decision:

"KAIROS is a faith-based organization with a base of seven individual organizations, also of faith. Many of KAIROS' members, as individual organizations, continue to receive CIDA support for their work in developing countries. Why? Each of them properly followed the application process and put forward proposals that met with our efforts to focus and improve foreign aid.

For example, we continue to support the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, which is working in Bangladesh, Mozambique, Burundi and Tanzania to improve the health care for women and prevent and treat HIV-AIDS and malaria. We provide funding to the Mennonite Central Committee because it is providing food security through small farmers, as well as income generation activities and meeting basic human needs.

Allow me to list some of the church organizations that receive CIDA funding: United Church of Canada; Adventist Development and Relief Agency; Canadian Baptist Ministries; Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, Canadian Lutheran World Relief; Christian and Missionary Alliance; Christian Reformed World Relief Committee; Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada; Mennonite Central Committee of Canada; Nazarene Compassionate Ministries; Presbyterian World Service & Development; Anglican Church of Canada; and the Salvation Army. That is not the complete list."

CanadianSense said...


Your style of debating needs some improvement. Instead of insulting those who don't share your worldview in every post why not simply agree to disagree?

I have provided a link for BCL we have done that been here before.

The opposition are FREE to remove their confidence of this government.

This government makes decisions, they are not repeating the pattern of the previous administration with empty rhetoric.

Serious investments were made to restore the cuts to health, education and social services from the Chretien-Liberal administration.

John McKay who is empowered by Ignatieff is free to reach out to the religious communities to win back their support.

The tax funded abortions for Africa stunt blew up in their faces. A few Liberals went AWOL or voted against their own party.

I don't expect the average religious person to return to the Liberal tent anytime soon. They have swung too far left and have forgotten what traditional family values are.

Best of luck with improving your attempts at a respectful debate.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Reopening the Vancouver Island Coal mines.

Excellent news for the mid Island working folks, the ones who haven't drunk the Kairos Kool Aid of Christian Liberation theology and Eco Scientology.

Can't wait to see the first coal trains . . . who knows, maybe Big Eco Celebrities like NASA Jimmy will show with deaths signs.

We'll mine the other planets later.