Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rob Ford Bumps Back Another Promise

Mr. Ford said he’s still committed to ending the land-transfer tax, although he wouldn’t say whether it has to happen next year.

Immediately became 2012; now 2012 is becoming 2013. In 2012, what will the date be then?


Zorpheous said...

Come on, he is eliminating the colour sprinkles on budget, ain't that enough

Mark Richard Francis said...

I love how he's living one budget year a ta time, actually saying that he's not concerned with next year because this year is this year.

And it's council's problem anyway. Yup. Ford's promises are Council's problem.

He's created a $750 million shortfall for next year. Let's see him try to kick that forward another year.

In related news, we're all going to get a good "it's a crisis!" screwing starting next year.

Or, maybe a provincial bailout from Premier Hudak?

CanadianSense said...

I am curious why you won't cut the new Mayor and his people any slack.

He is cleaning up the David Miller mess it will take time.

His next budget will require cuts of at least 5% in every department.

In a few months we will have a better grasp of him keeping the "big" promises.

A little patience may go rewarded and if you keep your powder dry, if and when he flops as you HOPE you can do the invite all your friends out to City Hall and do the macarena.

double nickel said...

Nonsense, do you ever think before you type? I"m just curious.

Terence said...

Nonsense has once again typed after taking some some fingers out of his ass.

Ford is a typical Tory who spends recklessly while reducing taxes with the idea that someone else will have to clean up the huge deficit mess that will follow.Of course he will continue to lie and say the deficit will be taken care of down the road in his next term. The Mike Harris and Jim flatulence school of liars is still grinding out students.

CanadianSense said...

Terence, DN,

Namecalling aside do you have any facts that support being critical of the new Mayor?

It has been 11 years since Toronto residents did not have an increase in property taxes.

The next budget will have require some big reductions. Are you concerned some public unions and staff may have to increase their contributions to their health and benefits plan?

I understand the need to make fun of Rob Ford but after the historic 8 minute contest on election day, is it possible the "evil" tory rhetoric has failed?

Tof KW said... it possible the "evil" tory rhetoric has failed

Screw off CS - you Reformatories as as close to being actual Tories as the Grits are.

By the way, real Tories don't ramp up spending while cutting taxes. To see how it's done, see David Alward, Danny Williams, Pat Binns or Bernard Lord for details.

Tof KW said...

Ford is a typical Tory...

Likewise Terrance, please don't dignify Ford by describing him as a Tory. I know the media continues using the term to keep headlines short, but Ford and his kind are not the decedents of Disraeli, Lord Churchill, Sir John A, etc. etc.

richard said...

"To see how it's done, see David Alward, Danny Williams, Pat Binns or Bernard Lord for details."

You're kidding, right?

Alward is in full dream mode, while Lord jumped ship when his budget was shown to be a drive-now, pay-later sham. And check out the most recent fiscal projections for NFLD. These guys are all Reformatories, all right.

CanadianSense said...

TTC spokesman Brad Ross confirmed Thursday the chairman’s special expense account still exists but has been reduced by 20% to $100,000 this year.

Here is another area for savings. Can you imagine how many departments has slush funds?

Scanner said...

Wee Bobby Ford will not last past June. He'll be gone like snow on the water. He's already fed up with having to work. Is Brother DOug going to run for MPP? then we'll be rid of them both and Doug H is a pushover. BTW CS, I understand Wee Bobby hides ever time Paula walks past his office.