Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mike Duffy Adds To The Tory Turmoil In Simcoe-Grey

I missed this when it came out 10 days ago, but the good Senator takes a couple of hearty whacks at "parachute candidate" Kellie Leitch:

When the matter of how hotly contested this race is, between Sick Kids surgeon Kellie Leitch, and former Collingwood mayor Chris Carrier, Duffy dances around the subject for a bit.

However, he acknowledges, the issue of local politicians -- and letters of endorsement -- are not playing well. "People are quite appalled because the area is getting a bad rap," he said.

The line-up of current municipal politicians who have publicly backed other candidates -- mostly Leitch -- is "shortsighted.

"In politics, there is a hierarchical arrangement of municipal, provincial and federal government... and it would not be a wise person who takes sides in this thing."

Duffy notes the reason the campaign has reached the fervour it has is the "Toronto approach.

"You've got the people who got the money and think they've got the expertise... and my fear is the people will not be well-served.

"This (being a public servant) is a tough job, and if you're not in it for the right reasons, then you could end up in a situation where other things take importance," he said. "You have to respect the sensibilities and sensitivities of this region."

So there you have it. Kellie Leitch: too Torontonian for Simcoe-Grey


C4SR said...

Kellie Leitch: She didn't come back for you.

Nadine Lumley said...

My Nightmare of a Meeting With Dr. Kellie Leitch, Federal Conservative Nominee

by Amy MacPherson on Friday,

February 11, 2011 at 11:45pm

I'm documenting these events so I don't lose track of details as time passes. I had an unnerving and disconcerting first meeting with Dr. Kellie Leitch tonight (Friday, February 11th, 2011 around 7:15pm at Crabby Joes restaurant in Alliston, ON). She is one of three Conservative nominees for the federal-level party and hopes to lead my riding into the next election. Furthermore she is a peadiatric surgeon at Sick Kid's Hospital, to the best of my understanding.

So here's what unfolded:

Anyway, as I was trying to gather the papers in order Dr. Leitch referred again to her material. She said the shiny paper was all about who she is. I then pointed to the typed page and asked what that was about. I didn't look at it closely because I was fumbling through my own collage. She then said it was endorsements from prominent people in the area and government officials. I said, "Oh. Well please forgive me as I'm sure 100 people have already asked... but since I live in Wasaga Beach and Cal is my mayor... I'm wondering if the endorsement issue was finally resolved between you."

Dr. Leitch said, "Yes it was and Cal went on Rogers TV to apologize last week. He openly endorsed me again on television."

I said, "I'm sorry I must have missed that. The Wasaga Sun is only published once a week and the last front page was still carrying on about it. I'm glad you were able to work it out though."

Dr. Leitch became fiesty and retorted about The Wasaga Sun. She said, "It was THEM who did something wrong. They attacked me (her) and printed tons of terrible things. They committed libel. They've even been spoken to by my lawyers and the CRTC!!"!/notes/amy-macpherson/my-nightmare-of-a-meeting-with-dr-kellie-leitch-federal-conservative-nominee/10150101228787057?cmntid=10150101462992057

Nadine Lumley said...

Amy MacPherson By the way, I've searched for any Rogers TV clips showing Mayor/Warden Cal Patterson apologizing and re-providing public endorsement. I can't find anything though. There's no recent news story confirming this either. The most recent arti...cle was posted 2 days ago and the story still chastises Dr. Leitch, continuing to say Mr. Patterson is angry. Can anyone confirm her statement, that he's done a complete 180 on television? Because so far I don't believe it's true... or else the media is a week behind... and that doesn't make much sense either.

Steven Fishman Amy he was on Politically Speaking on Rogers TV 2 weeks ago and he never said he was sorry. I watched the show, and it was not until the last 2 minutes that the host Bill French had an e-mail question about the whole letter thing. He seemed really pissed off as the question asked him if he would finally admit that he was wrong, and say that he was sorry. He never said sorry, but said that he no longer endorses candidates and will keep away from this whole issue.
Yesterday at 11:57am · LikeUnlike

Amy MacPherson See, now that's entirely contrary to what she told us last night. She said Cal went on tv to APOLOGIZE and PUBLICLY ENDORSE her just last week!!! (You have to know that made me entirely curious because I don't support our mayor endorsing f...ederal candidates period! That would have reopened the door to issues of his impartiality, especially as the county warden. I believed the email proof Dr. Leitch submitted to the Enterprise Bulletin and that Cal really did endorse her in the first place, but after the backlash he reneged and I would be astonished to watch him flip flop yet again. She's running around telling everyone he did though and that she DOES in fact have his endorsement. So I don't even know where that leaves us with the original scandal anymore!)

Terence said...

Maybe the old expression that it ain't over until the fat lady sings might have Duffy's name in it now

Anonymous said...

I dont believe what they say especially all those stupid dr. I'm not racist or what I only express what I feel.