Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lacks Substance

...the two most important words in this piece re the McGuinty Libs weekend policy confab. They refer to PCPO leader Tim Hudak, and suggest how the Libs will try and frame the election debate come fall. My two cents: this line of attack will be more effective than the Mike Harris crossed with a Neanderthal argument that some might prefer, just because Hudak will try so hard to evade the latter charge it will (indeed has already) hamstring any trademark Conservative policy initiatives that he might run on.

Three quick examples:

1) The HST; Tim opposes it but will not repeal (or even lower) it.
2) Green energy; its a boondoggle, but Tim won't tear up any contracts (though, on a more positive note, he may decide to put up a nuclear reactor in your back yard).
3) The Health Care Premium; Tim hates the "McGuinty Tax Hikes", but this is another one he won't rescind.

So it sounds as though Mr. Hudak is reduced to complaining about policies he will, if elected, do nothing to change.


CuJoYYC said...

Why would anyone insult Neanderthals like that?

Terence said...

I think, of more local interest, is what the Libs will do with turncoat Rocco Rossi clearly in their sights. WK seems to indicate he will make the turncoat pay dearly for that switch.

Jason Cherniak said...

In other words, he's claiming he'll provide Liberal government without being Dalton McGuinty. I can think of a few centre-right people who might fall for that. I can also think of a few left-leaning people, teetering between NDP and Liberal, who might need that sort of comfort to vote NDP. Not saying it will work, but it could.

All to suggest that while it's great to call him wishy washy, we also need the "he's a right-wing Conservative" facts understood.