Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Sweat This

confidential memo, because

...Anyone who is a member of the Conservative party knows we get these same funding letters every few months in fact on occasion every few weeks.

...and a number of other responses down-thread along the same lines.

Jack will deal. No election. Go back to sleep.

Although, I will note I got a call from a clearly CPoC friendly pollster last week asking me if I would consider voting Tory if a Federal election were called. I told them maybe. Why not? Let them think there's a 416 breakthrough in the offing.


CanadianSense said...

I am not worried you don't think the 416 is ready for a change.

I don't think the Rob Ford voters are Liberals.

Since 2000 Ontario has shifted a few points in every election cycle.

The large gap in 905-416 has evaporated in many ridings.

Campaigns matter. Can the Liberals hold off and keep those 905 seats?

If the CPC "retain their vote share" and the Liberals drop another one or two per cent it may be enough for a dozen more seats to shift to blue from red.

Do you think Volpe is safe?

Zorpheous said...

Harper has better have an election for Jabba The Ford screwed up finances sink in around Toronto.

8 Billion dollar subways and a 2012 operating budget the is already three quarters of a billion in the red

Tof KW said...

By your logic CS, that means Calgary is in for a serious shift to the left thanks to Naheed Nenshi. I bet Harper's shaking in his boots on losing his own riding.

Whatever floats your boat.