Monday, November 12, 2012

All Canada Agrees: Alberta Is Bent On Screwing B.C.

Last month, B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s Liberal government announced five conditions – including a larger chunk of revenue – would have to be met for Northern Gateway to proceed.

The poll found 71 per cent of Canadians believed Ms. Clark was right in making the revenue demand, since B.C. is assuming most of the risk for oil spills and environmental damage.

If the feds keep pushing Northern Gateway we will have a  war in this country,  pitting Alberta and "The West" against The ROC and B.C.  Out there in Calgary they should realize that they will lose this war.  The ravines of the Rocky Mountains will fill with the  gold-plated cowboy hats of  dead blue-eyed sheiks.
Nobody wants that.


Anonymous said...

You do realise that the article was published on the 24th August 2012.
If you do I apologise.

bigcitylib said...

No I did not realize that. Its weird that it appeared on the aggregators today, making it seem like a brand new poll. But whatever. Still relevant. BC for BCers! Excelsior! Down with Calgauron!

Anonymous said...

True words about the government of Alberta. I often feel the Alberta and federal governments and the ROC are intent on screwing Fort McMurray as well.

kitt said...

Geez... BC is at liberty to negotiate their own fees from the oil companies, pipeline companies for their privilege of crossing BC. WTH should Alberta give anyone their revenues????

Alberta has other options to get their oil to a shipping port and BC is just one of three....

double nickel said...

The last time I looked, Alberta was landlocked.

Anonymous said...

It is landlocked, but there are trains and I'll wager that now Obama is back in the head job the pipeline south will get the green light.

And Kitt has a point, BC need to negotiate with the pipeline companies it is they and the Feds who want to run the pipeline through their province not the government of Alberta.
Alberta has sold it's environment for a price; now it's time to see if BC will do likewise.
Another wager - I bet they do take the cash.

Unknown said...

Of course, as kitt says, BC can impose it's own costs on Gateway. There's never been any need to discuss anything with Alberta. But that misses the point of the whole exercise, which was to turn Canada's most loathed premier who is facing annihilation in the next election into the "champion of BC!" In fact, the last thing Christy likely wanted was for Alberta to agree to her demands.
And it's great theatre for Redford who get's to play "Champion of Alberta!"

Steve Bloom said...

Upon reflection, I'd kind of like that.