Monday, November 12, 2012

Gruending On Remembrance Day

One might be tempted to consign T.T. Shields and his demagoguery to the past but it is not so different from a recent program that I saw on CTS Television. Preacher Jack Van Impe was fulminating about Iran and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, describing them as evil and calling Ahmadinejad “a Hitler.” Van Impe talked almost longingly about war with Iran and of how it would fulfill a prophecy about End Times.

What is it with these people, always trying to trigger the end times?  Like kids on a roller coaster screaming that they want off.

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Frank said...

Zealots of all stripes have to maintain a climate of fear and retribution lest the worshippers lose interest and wander off the reservation. For the religious nutters it’s the fear of Armageddon, if you fail to qualify for the rapture. Send Jack your money, he will pray for you and you’re in. For the eco-religious AGW zealots and it’s high priests, Suzuki, Gore, the UN… it’s the fear of Climatemageddon . Pay your carbon cap ‘n trade tax, buy your carbon credits from my trading company, fund my institutes, ‘charities’, research grants, Kyoto wealth transfer schemes,… and just maybe we’ll save the planet. Jack Van Impe and Al Gore, they could switch places and no one would notice.