Friday, November 02, 2012

Michael Sona Vs. Brian Lilley: The Tale Of The Tape

According to Brian Lilley from Sun News, he is the guy who first broke the Mike Sona = Robocaller story back in February, 2012.  Mr. Sona has recently stated that Brian Lilley did not attempt to contact him before making the Sona = Robocaller accusation.  He has further suggested that Lilley admitted on air that he had indeed not attempted to contact Sona before making the accusation. Lilley has denied this, but his denials have been vague and a bit cagey.  That is, he's not making clear just when Sun TV first attempted to make contact with Sona.

Well here's the video of the show in question, on at about noon, Feb 23, 2012:

So, forward to about the 5:35 mark and you will hear Brian Lilley say that (in paraphrase) Sun News is still waiting for Sona to make a statement and will be reaching out to him later in the day.  Which implies that the network had not yet attempted to make contact with him, just as Mr. Sona has claimed.  Shame on Brian Lilley and Sun News.  If I were Mr. Sona, I would have sued your balls off.

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