Saturday, November 24, 2012

And Another Leak For Enbridge!

Nov 23 (Reuters) - About 900 barrels of crude oil leaked from an Enbridge Inc pipeline near Chicago late on Wednesday before the line was isolated, federal and state officials said.


Anonymous said...

Harper is a brain dead, self centered idiot. Pipe bursts and tanker spills, do not affect the money, Harper sticks in his pocket, from Red China.

Gordon Campbell and Harper, went out of their way, to destroy BC. They signed a dirty deal, behind our backs. The deal was, Harper can force the Enbridge pipeline onto BC.

We are not dealing with, normal, sane people. Enbridge has done nothing other than, lie, deceive and use every dirty tactic in the book, to get their vile pipeline into BC.

Harper is worse than evil. He is selling us out, to Communist China. Harper gave them, all of the jobs too. Harper cheated to win the election. He has no right to be P.M. Harper is a g.d. Traitor.

Holly Stick said...

You know meadowlark, I see diatribes by you and your sockpuppets or other people on various blogs and I've quite reading them because you never have solid facts, just hate propaganda. Cut it out, you are not actually helping people oppose Harper, and you are making yourself stupid.