Wednesday, November 07, 2012

China: Canada Like Infertile Old Bag If We Don't Cough Up Bitumen REAL SOON

Chicomm PR offensive re  Northern Gateway Pipeline  in full swing.  Talking points contracted out to  Ethical Oil.

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the salamander said...

So .. shall we suck eggs..Mr Harper ? Don't stand up for unmarried women.. (its already clear we have a so called government that does not stand for pregnant women.. assaulted women or non-pregnant women) ..

Exactly what Canadian women, if any.. do they stand for ??? Do they have wives..? Sisters, daughters, mothers ?? Or are they the immaculately hatched.. and the new protozoa?

Waiting for your scathing rejoinder Mr Harper, Mr Baird ... your bombast... Ooops, I forgot you don't read newspapers ...